Artist Statement

Portrait of the Artist
Portrait of the Artist

In my painting I employ a broad range of subjects, styles and techniques.  A common thread is the things that are unseen or missing.  The mists that obscure a scene; the shadows behind the figures and the gaps and distortions as memories fade.  Alongside this is an aim to make an image that is striking from a distance yet still rewards close scrutiny through layering textures and glazes of acrylics, adding and removing paint until a balance is reached.  I use a similar approach to drawing where an image may be drawn, obscured, erased and redrawn many times before completion.

Certain themes are explored and revisited including Character and Performance, Landscape and Atmosphere, Place and Time which may be represented literally or in abstract form according to the subject.

The appearance of a subject is a small part of what the subject is.

My pictures are prompts to the imagination allowing the viewer to complete them from their own experience.

I seek the essence – not the particular.