Monthly Archives: September 2015

TV filming at the SAA

April 2013 Filming at SAA Following success of Manchester and video clip, invited to record 3 half hour demonstrations for the SAA’s new TV programme “A Splash of Paint”. Several other clips and tips also recorded as fillers for future programmes.

Symposium of International Artists in Noja (SIANoja)

I was invited to the Symposium of International Artists in Noja (SIANoja) The symposium gathered in a small 18th century palace for 2 weeks of painting, sculpture, drama, lectures and exhibitions. Artists came from Spain, France, USA, Yugoslavia, Tunisia and Japan. Artwork was later shown at: Palace Marqués de Albaicín, Noja July/August 2012 Corte Ingles, … Continue reading Symposium of International Artists in Noja (SIANoja)


June 2011 Macedonia An adventure in 2 halves. I was invited to the De Niro International Artists colony in Bitola, Macedonia. Working with artists from Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, USA, Germany and Vietnam for 2 weeks resulting in paintings being shown at: The City Gallery in Prilep May 2012 Museum of Bitola June 2012 Art Gallery … Continue reading Macedonia

Leeds Fine Artists

May 2011 Leeds Fine Artists I was elected to the Leeds Fine Artists as an exhibiting member after a thorough grilling by a panel of existing members. The LFA is a long standing group (140 years) with some celebrated artists in its history.