Monthly Archives: May 2010

Brevon 3 ride again!

Sunday 30th May Wentworth near Rotherham.

The famous ‘Sealed Knot’ Civil War re-enactment group will be doing battle in the spaces around Wentworth Church over the bank holiday weekend.

On the Sunday Nathan, Katherine and myself will be out and about attempting another 3-handed joint painting.  We are not sure of our subject yet but there should be plenty to choose from if only they will stay still long enough!

Embracing Space

“Embracing Space” is the title of my exhibition at Hatfield Visual Arts College from 4th January to 12th February 2010.

The exhibition comprises 12 drawings and 2 large paintings, almost all of which are new work completed in the last few months of 2009.  The drawings are an extension of the four I showed at Hatfield last summer.  The abstracts are stonger and more evocative of some subject that changes with each viewer.  The architectural drawings link closely with the paintings as I continue to try to bring the style and feel of the two media together.  More information on my ‘exhibition’ page and more of the drawings on the front page tiles.