Monthly Archives: January 2010

Painting Demonstration

I’ll be doing a painting demonstration in Doncaster next week.

As a follow up to my painting sessions in the shopping centre before Christmas I am doing a demonstration at Doncaster’s Central Library on Thursday 21st Jan from 10am to 12 noon.  Titled “Take a Chance with Acrylics” it should be a busy couple of hours.  I will literally be ‘taking chances’ with the paint rather than doing a safely controlled and rehearsed performance.  By knowing what the paint does best and allowing those things to happen should give some interesting results that will just need tweaking to create the picture.  That’s the plan….  More later.

See my Work on American TV

A short film including shots of me and my work was broadcast on American TV this week.

When I took part in the No Boundaries International art colony, in Wilmington in November 2008, a film crew from the University of North Carolina visited to record the artists.  The film they made has just been shown on their public TV channel and can be seen by clicking this link
or google UNCTV and look for Our State episode 503.  They’ve used one of my beach paintings for the credits and another, showing the boardwalk and a cottage, as a link shot in the middle.  The film lasts about 7 mins and gives a really good feel of the colony.