Success Doncaster Showcase event

Another good session of talking, painting and meeting interesting people.

Thursday 19th November 2009 was the 2nd annual Success Doncaster Showcase event held at the Dome Leisure Centre.  About 150 new and not-so-new businesses set up stands to promote their services and products.  Somewhere near the back corner was a small display of pictures and this guy who was so absorbed in painting that he missed talking to many of the people who came by.  OK – it was me and I deserve the low marks for salesmanship.
I am glad that I did look up from time to time because I enjoyed the conversations I had.  Sometimes I was giving information about my work or passing on leads and suggestions to other creative types, and at other times I listened and learned (special thanks to the man from Colbears for his advice).  Throughout the day I had a steady flow of interest in commissions, sales and tuition and I hope to see some people again at our Open Studio day on the 28th Nov.
In amongst I spent my time painting on the Grand Theatre picture (See the ‘Work in Progress’ item on my blog) and moved it from step 7 to step 9 – still not finished but getting closer.  I need to stand back and balance it now before deciding if it needs tidying or another make-over.
The real eye-catcher of the day seemed to be the ‘Rio di San Luca’ painting which received many enquiries.  Perhaps I should have taken its partner ‘Rio del Fuseri’ as well.

success doncaster stand