Shop Window Art

From the 2nd to 13th November 2009 I will be painting in the public eye in a shop window in the Waterdale Shopping Precinct in central Doncaster.

On weekdays from 10 till 4 I will be working on paintings and chatting to visitors in the old chemist’s shop (more recently a bedding shop) on the corner of KIngsgate and Princegate.  The council have taken it over for a few weeks to promote their services and have invited various creative types to use the window as a showcase.  Members of the public will be actively encouraged to pick up a brush and paint!

On Wednesday morning, 4th November, Nathan and Katherine will be joining me for a few hours of ‘Dynamic Painting’ where all 3 of us will be working on the same canvas at the same time and, hopefully with the same purpose.  Anything could happen.